Packing Up the Week: Sweden, Summer, Second Year

Packing Up the Week

School is out! My teens are so excited to have a break and a quieter summer than usual, less camps and more mini trips.

How was your week? We had a fun week with a big local festival including carnival rides, wine, friends, and a 10K run. It’s been a long time since I ran a race, and this was a good hilly one to start me back. Not much different than running a race in the States. This weekend the food carts have taken over the town with, you guessed it, another fest!

Tomorrow, my son leaves on a school trip for Sweden where he will canoe along the rivers and lakes for a week. What a wonderful opportunity for him. Even cooler is he will get to see the midnight sun in Sweden, which is a rare thing to try and sleep through. Today is Sweden’s Midsommer festival, which is something to experience for sure. Maybe they will catch the tail end of those fests.

While he’s gone, my daughter and I are going to endure the very hot German week ahead and try to get out for day trips. I figure at least in the car we’ll have AC.

Since we’re around most of the summer, we’ll be also doing things around Frankfurt. A fellow expat parent at my kids’ school has a beautiful blog, Because Germany. While her kids are much younger than mine, she has some great ideas for things to do around the Frankfurt area with kids, even teenagers.

What I have been writing, lately

I finally finished writing about my London adventure with my teenager. The final post was 8 Things to Do with Teens in London. I will admit we didn’t do all of these on this visit. However, our family visited in 2016 when the kids were on the verge of teenagers, and I felt this post was still timely.

I started thinking about our first year as diplomats in Germany so posts may start to get a little more reflective. I wrote one about the Sunday store closings, which I have a love/hate relationship with.

Lately, I have also been pondering what our second year will be like. In just a few months, nothing will be a ‘first’ anymore. We’ll have the second first day of school in Germany, the second orientation. the second soccer season, the second fall festival, etc. Sometimes it’s nice not to be the new person.

A recent Forbes article talking about how the Internet killed the romance of travel had me thinking for weeks. I finally wrote up a response to it. In my opinion, I feel the Internet has greatly improved the adventure of traveling, especially with teens.

We are looking forward to summer guests arriving. Over the weekend, one of my daughter’s friends came to visit, and my friend had some first-time international travelers visit. With all the new-to-Europe visitors, we worked on a post that might help teens traveling to Europe, answering questions like “Will my cell phone work?”

A few other things caught my eye this week

One of our favorite things to do on vacation is people watch. What embarrassing things does your family do on vacation that make you look like tourists?

And to celebrate summer, this is just pure fun! A Danish guy is building and hiding giants in the forests for kids to find. This would be fun even for older kids.

Sweden photo by Julien Lanoy on Unsplash

Wood Giant photo by ​Thomas Dambo at Bored Panda

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