About Us

“To Travel is to Live”

–Hans Christian Anderson

I wonder if he traveled with teenagers.

My husband and I traveled the world before we had kids. We have done everything to instill that love of travel with our kids. When our Baby Bunch was teeny we lived in Qatar and Sweden, but travel was too hard with little kids. You remember… your teens were tiny once, too. So we waited.

When my oldest turned 9, the travel began — Qatar, Denmark, Madrid, Scotland, Iceland and London. And then we landed here in Germany as diplomats.

We’re here for 3 years, with our two teens, and we plan to take on Europe. I know I know, it’s a rough life. We all made sacrifices to make this journey possible, leaving behind a wonderful community, friends, and family. I left my marketing job, which I loved by the way, to help provide this experience for the family.

It won’t all be rainbows and unicorns. Living in a new country with a new language takes patience and courage. But we plan to have fun along the way.

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