Packing Up the Week: Paris, Grandparents, Taking Photos

Packing Up the Week

I’ve decided to try something out for a few weeks. The goal of this website is to merge my love of travel with the nuances of traveling with teens. Being in Europe, we travel quite often, and there are so many things I read, experience and want to share beyond just our trips. I will do a weekly recap and see if anyone reads it or finds it useful or amusing. You will need to provide some feedback either here (in the comments), on Facebook or Instagram.

After two weeks of spring break, my teens went back to school and the traveling will settle down. We spent five days in Paris and then welcomed the grandparents for a week-long visit. We managed a day trip to Heidelberg and a tour of our own city with Frankfurt on Foot that was specifically focused on Frankfurt under the Third Reich. We all agreed it was an interesting tour with stops that we wouldn’t normally make, including a Gestapo prison in downtown!

The grandparents then took the kids to Rothenburg and Nuremberg. In the meantime, I thought this was a great post from Because Germany about the medieval town of Rothenburg.

We have a bit of a break now for a few weeks before our next trip, which will be just include my son and I traveling to London for a 15th birthday trip to see Hamilton and a brief visit to Oxford.

In case you missed it, I am now contributing over at Cool Mom Picks. Don’t miss a recap of our February trip to Barcelona. These are additional tips from here on TravelTeening.

When we travel with the kids, I constantly think of all the things I am grateful for and all the gifts travel provides. I enjoyed this post at Europe 4 Kids from a teen describing what she learned as a teen traveler. So true!

I’m trying to quickly write up our experiences from Paris. I started with our macaron tour and the Louvre. We saw so much during our short time there, but I ran across this video that explains How to Visit the Louvre Quickly and Efficiently helped you make your way through the Louvre. It’s a good one.

I love to take pictures, but I find that we either have pictures with just three of the four of us or a million selfies, usually with my daughter making funny faces. This blog post from Local Passport Family inspired me to ask other people to take our family photo. In addition, my bestie recommended we make use of all the selfie takers lined up in front of all the major tourist location. They likely know how to frame the picture and will happily take more than one. I think it worked!

One thought on “Packing Up the Week: Paris, Grandparents, Taking Photos

  1. I would like to hear more about the Frankfurt under the Third Reich tour. On every school break we take the opportunity to travel, and feel we don’t know the city where we live well enough.

    One of my kids went to Rothenburg with the school, and when he came back he said “mom, you have to go, you are going to love it”! And he was right!

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