Packing Up the Week: Hiking, London, Fear of Flying

Packing Up the Week

My kids have a week and a half until school is out. The end of the year is always so busy with concerts, ceremonies, finals, and projects. And I’m ready for summer! How about you?

This weekend my son is off with his school for the final Duke of Edinburgh expedition. This is partly like scouting, but they include an athletic and service component to it. After months of training, he’ll be out it he woods somewhere for two nights without adults.

Earlier this week, I had a chance to hike an 11 km trail which has been on my “Germany bucket list” since we got here. It’s called the 3 BurgenWeg, and along the path we stopped in at three castles in Kronberg, Königstein, and Falkenstein, two of them are basically ruins, but it’s still fun.

Alex and I returned from our fully-packed mother-son trip last weekend. In just over two days we had dinner a friend from the U.S., visited Oxford, saw Hamilton, took a walking tour, and dashed through the British Museum. It was a very special few days for us to have together. I can’t wait to share a similar experience with Anna next year on her 15th birthday.

I think these one-on-one trips are very special and this post has all kinds of ideas for vacations to do with mother and son.  

After returning, I saw this funny article about the things 10 things you should never do in London.

Even with all the traveling we do, I am still anxious when I fly. I loved this Washington Post article about one woman’s fear of flying. I really could relate. My own fear has gotten better over the years, but it still makes the journey stressful. Are you afraid to fly?

No trips planned until later in the summer. We will have time to do a few day trips around Germany, and I’m looking forward to traveling with my teens to those. Places like Heidelberg (a return trip), Wurzburg, and Köln are on my list.

Main photo by Hannah Petersen on Unsplash

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