Packing Up the Week: Green Sauce, Salzburg, Selfies

Packing Up the Week

How was your week, and what are you up to this weekend?

Last weekend for Mother’s Day, our family hit the annual Green Sauce festival in downtown Frankfurt. Green Sauce is a local Frankfurt cuisine with a combination of herbs and yogurt and you pour over just about anything. I don’t love it. I don’t hate it. But when in Rome….

Frankfurt Green Sauce

This weekend the kids’ school is hosting its annual Worldfest Festival. As an International School, we have kids from more than 50 different countries, and those countries represent with booths serving their traditional foods. This is our first time to attend so I’m pretty excited.

On Monday, my other TravelTeening friend and I hiked the Grosse Feldberg, which is the highest “mountain” in our Taunus area. It was a beautiful day, and we clocked in at 14 km total. And later in the week, we did a tour of the Eppstein Castle, which is a little village not too far away. I will do a short write up of Eppstein in the coming weeks.

Growing TravelTeening

The big news is I have a new (and my first) contributor for TravelTeening. Jenn Wetli, also living in Frankfurt, has three teens (19, 16, and 13). She recently traveled to Salzburg with her teens for the Sound of Music Tour. Read more from her on how to spend a weekend in Salzburg. She does as much, if not more, traveling with her teens. More to come from her.

Paris is still on my mind, but I finally made some progress with some thoughts on traveling with teens to Paris in two new posts: 5-Day Family Adventure in Paris Begins and Paris Family Adventure Continues: Part 2. The final few will be posted next week. On the recommendation of my husband, I divided a very lengthy post into several where I also included some of the things that didn’t go so perfectly.

Fun Findings

Do your kids like taking selfies? Performance artist Stephanie Leigh Rose traveled around the world taking “selfies” of herself dying in major tourist areas. Having been to many of these places and seen the crazy Instagrammers everywhere, this post and the photos made us all laugh.

Photo © Stephanie Leigh Rose

Even as my teenagers get older, I love doing family photos. I recently ran across this business called Flytographer where you hire a family photographer wherever you are in the world.

And this last one is just funny. IKEA now has a plain black globe with nothing on it.  I can’t figure out what the purpose of this is. Any thoughts?

Green Sauce Photo © Frankfurt on Foot

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