Iceland: The Land of Fire and Ice

IcelandTeen Take

By Teen 2

Today we flew to Iceland, to wrap up our trip with a three-day stay in Iceland. We started with checking in with our apartment, and then we went on a free walking tour. It was very cold there.

To start, Alex almost fell asleep on a park bench looking like a homeless person. We had a great tour guide. Iceland is such a small country. We learned it is so small that there was an app that when you got into a relationship with someone, it would tell you how close you were to someone, and tell you if you were like 7th or 8th cousins. Crazy, huh? Almost near the end of the tour I volunteered and got a little bottle holder glove, that you could use when it was cold, and a free soda. Later that day, I proclaimed myself as “Selfie Queen” because whenever the family wanted a picture they just called me over and handed me the phone.

The following day we went to a thermally heated pool it was so cool. There was a hot tub, a cold tub, an amazing slide, a huge play area, and a whole pool for laps, I sure wish we had this kind of pool back home. The slide was one of the best parts you climb to the top, you start to go, the top is blue(that is the slides color), then black, then blue, then pitch dark with glowing stars on the ceiling than black, then blue, then you’re out. It was a long and fun slide! My brother swam 1.5 miles while I swam 1. This was one of the highlights of Iceland.

Tonight we also went to see a comedy show called, “How to Become Icelandic in 60 Minutes.” It was very funny, and I enjoyed it very much. We also learned about the Icelandic horse, it has a way of running that you could eat or drink on the horse without spilling or dropping anything, it is almost like it is gliding on air.

This was our last day in Iceland and we made it count we went on a long bus tour, and stopped in multiple places. During the ride you could listen/read about interesting things on the trip. My favorite stop was the geyser. It was unpredictable but it would shoot up 30-80 feet in the air of boiling water. It was absolutely incredible. One time it erupted 4 times one after another roughly 60-70 each time. It was so cool. The water is still than all of a sudden it starts shifting and swirling, bubbling slowly than a huge blue bubble forms over a crack and kablooie off it goes. Dad loved it very much.

Iceland Gullfoss Waterfall

Icelandic Horses

icelend geysir

Once we got back on the bus we made a short stop, got out and got to pet some Icelandic horses they were so sweet. We got to give them little treats. A few stops later we came to a spectacular waterfall, that had rainbows and water powerfully crashing down in tons of water per second. We rode back and left good, small cold Iceland, believing someday, somehow, that we will experience the beautiful natural wonders, and small country life of wonderful Iceland.

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