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This was our first full day in Edinburgh. We went to Edinburgh castle, the main tourist attraction. It was cool and had amazing views, but there were so many better castle’s so compared to the other ones it wasn’t as impressive. We walked down the royal mile, and Mom and I got a fabulous lunch of Mussels and bread (yum)! Right across the street was a street performer of Yoda, but we couldn’t figure out how he levitated, it is still a mystery to this day!

In the afternoon we went to Camera Obscura which is an optical illusion museum that Alex and I picked out way before the trip in early 2017. It was so cool. You learned all about the history of illusions and got to do interactive ones as well, and it can look really realistic. You can also morph your face so you can look like a monkey, baby or like when you’re eighty years old. There was also a mirror maze and you try to walk through the maze without bumping into all the mirrors I found my way out pretty easily, but some people clearly didn’t. Some of our favorite things from this museum were:

  • Where one person was at the roof of the room and the other was at the corner and you could shrink or grow in this very cool room.
  • You could slide into a place where your head was on a plate served as the new dinner option. Fresh head coming right up!
  • You could also morph your face to get a baby face, elderly, chimp, and male or female.

The next day we woke up and in the morning went for a walking tour that we were going to do the first day but decided not to. Anyway, our tour guide was very good and we toured, almost the whole city, learning history we never would’ve believed. We also saw some Harry Potter names in a cemetery, and where JK Rowling got her inspiration for this admirable novel. Wrapping up the tour we learned about an amazing dog and how loyal he was to his owner, it was a heartfelt story and could make anyone all warm and fuzzy inside. After the tour we got a good lunch of pasta and meat. After using half the day, we finished this day with the Scotland museum. I loved the fashion exhibit with modern and past dresses and fashion styles over the years. There was a robot exhibit where it would spell your name. Lastly I went into the animal exhibit (as usual) while Alex and Dad went to their guy exhibits. We all met in the middle and watched some amazing performers sing songs that they wrote themselves, that were very meaningful. And of course (mom cried shhhh).

One of the best things of the trip was the Military Tattoo. It was so astonishing, all these armies, and navies played music and dances that represented their country. India’s was mainly focused on dance, Scotland’s was full of bagpipes, there were some Swiss ones that were all in blue and played the violins. It was absolutely mind blowing. It was right outside Edinburgh castle and they showed projections that matched the music and country on the castle wall. The performance was fabulous.

The last day in Edinburgh we wrapped up by seeing more street performers (which was one of the great experiences). I found this so cool how they do this and travel all over the world, it would be fun, but I wouldn’t want it to be my full time job. After wandering the royal mile we went to see a comedian in a show called AAA batteries not included. He was absolutely hilarious. He told so many jokes and I was crying of laughter. However, there was a lady who followed him and was absolutely terrible 100% awful. Everyone hated her and we never understood why people would scream things like  “you suck!” But with this person we were all tempted to. She cried and ruined his show. So we all talked about how much we loved the main guy and how we despised the lady.

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