Discovering Our Heritage in Jedburgh

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We arrive in Scotland very excited for this new trip. It is different because we are moving place to place rather than just getting an apartment for a week or so. This is where we went and how many nights:

  • Jedburgh 2 nights
  • Fort William 2 nights
  • Inverness 1 night
  • Aberdeen 3 nights
  • Edinburgh 4 nights

Jedburgh was first and the main reason we went there was for the our  named Ferniehirst Castle. The first day we got there though, we explored after a long plane ride though we didn’t stay out too long. We went to a pub for dinner and got these huge burgers that we could barely eat halfway through.

The next day got way more interesting. We went to a jail castle or as Alex and I named “Cale Jastle” mixing the words. #creative. We also went to Mary Queen of Scots’ House. That was interesting and we learned about the UK and how hard it was to be Queen/King of England or Scotland so Queen Elizabeth the ruler of England chopped off her cousin’s head because Mary Queen of Scots was the heir to her throne. So tensions were high with the royal family. We learned that France and Scotland were allies since the beginning. We put to use a helpful term we learned from dad, “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.”

After Mary’s house we went to an abbey. The architecture was amazing and through an audio guide we learned about how it was useful or just decoration. We walked past it on the first day and just saw it but in my opinion it was definitely worth it to have the tour.

For lunch we went to a great place, filled with yummy cakes and sweets, Anna got a mint chocolate chip cheesecake and Alex got a delicious chocolate fudge cake.

Ferniehirst Castle

In the afternoon, we went to our own beloved Kerr castle. Andrew’s dad had been there before and in the Kerr guest book we found him and that he had come in 1996. We had a great tour with a man who wrote his own book on the castle. On the tour we found other Kerr’s and took a group picture with them. Some very interesting facts we learned included:

  • The Kerrs had a left handed staircase because Andrew (Dand) Kerr. This was because due to his dominant hand he could stab around the spiral staircase if there was ever an invasion in the caste while a right-handed man would have to stand on the small end near the center pole
  • The Kerr castle was an inverted Alamo. A bunch of Englishmen took over the castle, then the French came in the area and the English surrendered to them, the French sold them to the Scots and the Scots slaughtered them all. The French and Scots were allies but the English thought the French would treat them better so they surrendered to them before the Kerrs killed them, ironic, huh?
  • The Kerrs had a small library and a 17th century beautifully decorated ceiling survived almost perfectly after being used as a hot tub room with all the steam and hot water survived amazingly.

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