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Living in Frankfurt affords us the opportunity for many adventures because it’s really the central of the Europe. And even those places we aren’t close to, we can get to easily by plane or train. But Germany itself has some really awesome and beautiful things to see within a day’s journey.

When we arrived here almost nine months ago, I imagined every weekend our family taking little jaunts here and there to see castles and medieval cities. What I am now faced with is family member who have four very different agendas. Between sports, scouts, music, friends, relaxing, and weekend errands, we haven’t had a ton of time for many jaunts. Continually pressing my family to take advantage of nice weather and local cultures (also known as being a pain in the butt), we set out on our first mini adventure for 2019: Freilichtmuseum Hessenpark.

This open-air museum, located only a short distance from our home, was on a recommended list of places to visit by other families. With over 100 historic buildings what have been re-erected here, some dating back to the 15th century, it means you can spend hours wandering through the five different “villages” to get an impression of what life may have been like back in the day. Think, smaller and more relaxed version of Colonial Williamsburg in the middle of Germany.

And, always a favorite for this TravelTeening family, they have a family ticket price. That means if not everyone has a great time, you don’t walk away broke.

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Will Teenagers Enjoy this Excursion?

I know that’s exactly what you’re asking. While this sounds like a great place to bring friends from out of town, your granny, or little ones who can play on the playground (all true statements by the way), this is also a great place to let teenagers roam. We want do things as a family and having a big area where people of all ages can find something to do, is often rare. Even the most cynical of teens can find something here to pique his or her interest. The bonus is that granny, babies, and visitors will also enjoy it, too.

Based on the day and season there are an assortment of craft demonstrations. Many of the historic buildings are home to permanent museum collections ranging from clocks and traditional dress to photography and beekeeping. Most of the exhibits are only in German so bring along a translator if you don’t speak German. Throughout the park, animal lovers will find a variety of livestock from cows, horses, goats, and pigs.

The Marktplatz has a few places to eat and drink, as well as a few places to shop, including a toy store and a shop that sells nothing by brushes.

What Was the Teen Take on this Day Trip?

Teen #1: I loved the buildings, and how it felt like you were 100 years or so into the past.

Teen #2: I loved the goats, pigs, and the buildings . . . in that order.

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