Castle Ruins: Königstein

Burg Königstein with teens
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“Let’s hike up a mountain to see castle ruins with no signage in English or anything fun to do,” said no teen ever. Near our little German suburbs are a plethora of little castles. Unsure of what stories lie within each, we started with the oldest and less, well, put together. Burg Königstein, built in the 11th Century, boasts some of the oldest castle ruins in Germany, but not a lot else by today’s standards. At 20-minutes down the road and a beautiful day, we thought why not.

We parked in town and hiked up the hill. There are several hiking paths leading up to the castle ruins. Once at the top, we paid small fee to get in and then the castle ruins were ours to explore. There isn’t much left, but my teenagers loved wandering through the cellars and what’s left of the rooms. Of course, the highlight was the trip to the top of the tour that gave you breathtaking views.

I’m not going to sugar coat it. There’s not a lot to do here other than wander around and hike up the mountain. There are several nice places to picnic at the top. On a beautiful and a climb to the top of the town, your teens will get some fresh air and exercise that’s a bit out of the norm.

In the spring, we will do the castle loop goes from Königstein to Kronberg to Falkenstein.

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